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Save Our Health Care

By Rachel L. West
Advocacy & Community Outreach Consultant

On Thursday March 23rd the U.S. House is scheduled to vote on repealing the ACA and replacing it with the American Health Care Act (AHCA). If repeal and replace goes though it will have disastrous consequences for the most vulnerable in our society.

  • It will negatively impact Medicaid expansion
  • It will make it harder to access health services (this includes cuts to Planned Parenthood).
  • 24 million people will lose health coverage. In my home state of NY more than 2.7 million people will be affected. (Source)
  • Many states will take a severe hit on their budgets. Here in NY we will lose $600 million in Federal funding. (Source)
  • It’s a step backwards. The American Health Care Act does nothing to expand healthcare coverage. It will do the opposite.  (Source)

You can read the NASW’s statement and call to action here.

I encourage you to call/fax your representatives and senators. Ask them to preserve the tenets of the ACA and to vote no on the AHCA. Health care is a right not a privilege. We need congress to work on a plan that creates true universal health coverage for all. 

You can locate your representatives contact information here. You can find your senator’s contact info here.

On a related note; ProPublica just ran a story on representatives lying and misrepresenting the ACA:

A review of more than 200 such letters by ProPublica and its partners at Kaiser Health News, Stat and Vox, found dozens of errors and mischaracterizations about the ACA and its proposed replacement. The legislators have cited wrong statistics, conflated health care terms and made statements that don’t stand up to verification. (Source)

We are truly living in the age of alternative facts. Either that or we have a bunch of elected officials we can’t be bothered to do even the most basic research or to ask the staff to get the interns to do the most basic research. Which is worse?

Posted by Rachel L. West

In addition to being the founder of The Political Social Worker blog, I am a consultant. My consulting practice offers advocacy and community outreach solutions to nonprofits, social good organizations, and private practitioners. Additionally, I offer career coaching to macro social work students and professionals.

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