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I Want to Hear from You

By Rachel L. West
Advocacy & Community Outreach Consultant

I want to hear from you. As a community practice social worker what interests you? What kind of information are you looking for?

I have put together a survey that you can fill out here. You do not need to give me your name or contact details (unless you want to keep in touch). Your responses will help me to create new content for this blog as well as new workshops. You can also help me out by sharing the survey link with your contacts through social media. I really appreciate your assistance with this.

If you’re interested in getting information about upcoming events and special offers from The Political Social Worker you can sign-up for my mailing list on the landing page of the blog or at this link.

Upcoming Webinars

Job search for a Macro Social Worker webinar will be offered again on June 11th. The package includes the live webinar, booklet, resume review, and a 20 minute coaching session. You can register here.

Posted by Rachel L. West

In addition to being the founder of The Political Social Worker blog, I am a consultant. My consulting practice offers advocacy and community outreach solutions to nonprofits, social good organizations, and private practitioners. Additionally, I offer career coaching to macro social work students and professionals.

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