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New York State Capitol- Albany, NY

Fair Elections For New York

By Rachel L. West, MSW, LMSW
The Political Social Worker

Fair Elections for New York is an organization whose goal is to take big money out of New York politics while increasing the say individual citizens have in the process.  The organization is focused on four key goals:

  1. Public Financing of Elections – establishing a voluntary system to empower small donors by matching their contributions with public money, similar to NYC’s successful system.

  2. Lower Contribution Limits – bringing New York State’s sky-high contribution limits down to reasonable levels.

  3. Ending Pay-to-Play – saving public dollars by preventing contributions and bundling by contractors and lobbyists from influencing decisions about state business.

  4. Stronger Enforcement and Transparency – ensuring that our laws are enforced in a fair, effective and timely manner, and that public matching funds are appropriately disbursed.

Source (http://fairelectionsny.org/about/)

On Wednesday, May 29th Fair Election for New York will be holding a lobby day in Albany.  They will be providing free bus transportation to the capital.  Those planning to attend can register for the event here.

If you are attending the event please feel free to submit photos and account of the day to Social Work Helper at r.west@socialworkhelper.com.

photo credit: s.m. bush via photopin cc

Posted by Rachel L. West

In addition to being the founder of The Political Social Worker blog, I am a consultant. My consulting practice offers advocacy and community outreach solutions to nonprofits, social good organizations, and private practitioners. Additionally, I offer career coaching to macro social work students and professionals.

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