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Battle for the Internet

By Rachel L. West
Advocacy & Community Outreach Consultant

On December 14th the FCC will meet to vote on ending net neutrality. This will have profound consequences on anyone who relies on a free and open internet for news, business, and education.

Without net neutrality, internet provider can block content and set tired pricing for varies sites. There is an essay way for you to stop this.

1. Go to gofccyourself.com

(the shortcut John Oliver made to the hard-to-find FCC comment page)

2. Click on the 17-108 link (Restoring Internet Freedom)

2. Click on “express”

3. Be sure to hit “ENTER” after you put in your name & info so it registers.

4. In the comment section write, “I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.”

5. Click to submit, done. – Make sure you hit submit at the end!

Then call Congress and tell them you support net neutrality.

Posted by Rachel L. West

In addition to being the founder of The Political Social Worker blog, I am a consultant. My consulting practice offers advocacy and community outreach solutions to nonprofits, social good organizations, and private practitioners. Additionally, I offer career coaching to macro social work students and professionals.

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