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Hello, I’m Rachel

I’m an advocacy and community outreach consultant based in New York. I earned my Bachelors in History from SUNY Stony Brook University and my Masters in Social Work from Adelphi University, School of Social Work. I have been a Licensed Master Social Worker in New York State since 2008.

Since graduating I have worked in a number of areas including domestic violence and LGBT issues. In 2012 I founded The Political Social Worker, a blog dedicated to community practice social work and politics. I have presented at UConn’s NAHIPSW Campaign School where I lectured on the role of social media in political campaigns. I have also presented workshops on being a political social worker at SUNY Stony Brooks School of Social Welfare’s Advocacy Day. I am one of the founders of the #MacroSW Twitter chats and  a member of the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration’s (ACOSA) communications team; in 2015 I was appointed to ACOSA’s Board.

I began my consultancy practice in 2013. I provide consultation to social good organizations and private practices on a number of issues related to advocacy and community outreach, including the use of social media as a community organizing tool. In addition to my consultancy work with organizations, I offer career coaching and training to macro social workers.

I am currently an instructor at Stony Brook University – School of Social Welfare where I teach Advanced Social Work Macro Practice.

You can see my full resume here.

The Political Social Worker Blog

The Political Social Worker was founded in 2012 as a Tumblr blog. In 2013 the blog became self-hosted. My goal was to create a blog focused on macro social work because there was a lack information about community practice on the web. The blog serves as a platform for me to share information related to macro practice, politics, and to showcase my work as a consultant. Today The Political Social Worker receives more than 3,000 unique visitors a month.

Consulting Services

In addition to running this blog I am an advocacy and community outreach consultant serving social good organizations and individual helping professionals.  The services I offer include:

  • Outreach & engagement planning
  • Social media management
  • Social media plans
  • Consultation on legislative advocacy
  • Workshops & staff trainings

Click here for a full list of services.  You can schedule an appointment with me by email (rlwestconsulting@gmail.com) or by phone at 1 (631) 615-1709. 


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