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Trayvon Martin


There are so many things wrong with this statement.  It is racist, victim blaming, and elitist.  Is he insinuating that the life of a welfare recipient is not worth the same as someone who does not need assistance?  Does he know for a fact that the Martin family are on welfare or does he just assume all people of color are on assistance?  Maybe he does, because when you read the entire FB post he appears to hold the notion that all black men wearing hoodies are thugs.







(The Raw Story)

What the fucking cunt drying shit?

Not because of that trigger-happy, racist asshole who shot him? Oh, okay. My mistake.

you can own a house in a gated community but ppl will still think youre a lazy blackie on welfare.

see?! what did I just say about welfare? There are people who think its perfectly fine to talk about a 17 yr old murder victim because “fuck him and his welfare dependent family”

Or is “the raw story” satire too?!


Posted by Rachel L. West

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